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Arısan Yapısal Çelik A.Ş


Arısan Yapısal Çelik A.Ş established in 2020 to design, manufacture, install and engineer in the area of steel construction. It continues its activities in the factory in Körfez, Kocaeli.

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Selimiye Camii Çelik Platform


Wİth its young and dynamic staff, in addition to producing steel structure, it also provides services in the establishment of turnkey industrial facilities and contracting works.

Steel Construction Building

Steel Construction building system is the safest building model for commercial buildings and living spaces. In this building model, the entire load-bearing system that ensures the building safety is made of steel and connected to each other with static expertise. It is the first preferred building system, especially in areas subject to earthquake threat.

Industrial Plant Installations

Steel Construction system structures that offer unlimited alternatives even to the needs of space at maximum width and height; It has many outstanding advantages such as robust, safe, long-lasting, durability, ergonomics and comfort. Other advantages of the building model such as disassembly in a short time, pre-production and ease of installation should also be emphasized.

Roof and Facade Coatings

High quality manufacturing and assembly of Roof and Facade Cladding Trapezes, Clamp System, Sandwich Panel Systems with their excellent architectural appearance as well as high strength that can be preferred according to the specific situation of each project

Project Management

Making static analysis of reinforced concrete and steel structure systems in accordance with international norms and standards, creating 3D Modeling and manufacturing drawings. Planning, organizing, procuring the resources of the project.


Production in 4.000 M2 Closed Area

Multi-Storey Steel Structures – Industrial Facilities, Logistics Warehouses, Steel Bridges, Hotels, Aircraft Hangars, Airports, Sports Halls, Shopping Centers, Stadiums, Manufacturing and Installation works