About Us

About Us

Arısan Yapısal Çelik A.Ş established in 2020 to design, manufacture, install and engineer in the area of steel construction. It continues its activities in the factory in Körfez, Kocaeli.

Wİth its young and dynamic staff, in addition to producing steel structure, it also provides services in the establishment of turnkey industrial facilities and contracting works.


Arısan Yapısal Çelik A.Ş aims to provide fast, economical and high quality solutions to its customers by following all the developments in the sector with its expert team and to become one of the leading structural steel companies of the country.


To take a place in the sector with reliability by keeping the customer satisfaction rate at the highest level with the principles of quality manufacturing and time delivery to become a steel company that leads the sector in all matters by becoming a brand over time.

Human Resources

Arısan Yapısal Çelik, which creates its expertise in the sector by preserving its young and dynamic structure, carries out projects for the strategy of having employees who are competent in their field, with high satisfaction and commitment, with the vision of having human resources that create value.

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