Steel Construction Building

Steel Construction Building

Steel Construction building system is the safest building model for commercial buildings and living spaces. In this building model, the entire load-bearing system that ensures the building safety is made of steel and connected to each other with static expertise. It is the first preferred building system, especially in areas subject to earthquake threat.

Steel Construction system structures that offer unlimited alternatives even to the needs of space at maximum width and height; It has many outstanding advantages such as robust, safe, long-lasting, durability, ergonomics and comfort. Other advantages of the building model such as disassembly in a short time, pre-production and ease of installation should also be emphasized.

Structures Produced by Model of Steel Construction System

Along with industrial areas, solutions are produced for the unlimited building needs of indoor living areas.

Commercial Buildings:

  • Factory and Workshop Buildings
  • Hangar, Storehouse, Warehouse
  • Logistics Warehouses
  • Social Facility Structures
  • Sports Facilities
  • Farm Buildings
  • Special Vehicle Hangar and Tier Buildings
  • Steel Roof and Stairs

Living Quarters:

  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Public Service Buildings